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SAF30W AEG Solar Attic Fan

AEG International

SAF30W AEG Solar Attic Fan

$ 329.00 $ 409.00
Attic temperatures can reach more than 140 degrees. A solar attic fan can cool your attic, reduce the effects of environmental stresses, extend the life of the building materials, and reduce A/C systems usage. 

Size 30 Watt Solar panel
Color Powder Black/td>
Type FLAT BASE (shingle)
Model SAF 30W
Venting Capacity 30W (1550 CFM)
Motor Whisper quiet, high torque, variable speed, brush-less DC motor
Panel High Impact photo-voltaic 30W panel mounted on an adjustable bracket
Weight 25lbs. All inclusive material, everything out of the box install, with flashing sealant and 1 temperature switches (1) Humidistat and (1) Fire Break.
Housing Commercial pure grade aluminum, powder coated inside and out to resist natures elements.
Fan Blade Upgraded High Strength UBS plastic 4 Blade Fan, lighter, lower vibration and noise, and more output than a 5 blade aluminum fan blade, will not bend or ding during installation to cause unwanted vibration.
Flashing Commercial Aluminum flashing with no seams for a tight seal and rounded edges to minimize damage to the roof shingles and withstand constant environmental stresses

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